Constant Directivity Horn Conception

AudioHorn is a design horn service for tweeter and compression driver or every plane wave radiation device (like the JBL CMCD 81H).

AudioHorn is specialized in Constant Directivity (CD) behavior horn with removed mid-range narrowing/beaming that is usually see on regular horns.

The profile end of our horns is design for deal with this problem, it's simulated with proprietary FEM analysis solution, horn ending is fine adapted differently between in-wall and free-air mount.

The result is a more "flat"/constant Directivity Index (DI) and off axis behavior without major usually see accidents in mid-range.

2" throat compression driver solutions is not covered due to problems that bring 2" throat over 1.5/1.4" ones that we use nowadays.

All solutions here respect theses principles :

- Tweeter Waveguide : 
Based on SomaSonus 6.5" with SB 26 ADC, STL files is freely provided for DIY usage, mouth end is optimized.
Coverage is 110° CD so for short listening distance, as in direct radiation. Optimal XO is around 1600hz with 6.5" driver like SB17CRC.

- HCD Horn:
Hybrid Constant Directivity Horn based on Hypex formula, a conception that allow CD behavior on horizontal axis, mouth end optimized, coverage 60°,70° or 75° CD so for mid/long distance. 
Usage in-wall or free-air, for compression driver from 1 inch to 1.5 inch throat, it's a good replacement for the TAD TH4003 also.

It can be used in very large scale with JBL CMCD 81 H for CD high SPL medium application, in mid/long listening distance usage.
The JBL CMCD is a 8" cone driver with a built-in phase plug, so he have a plane wave radiation behavior. With a regular cone driver, that is not a plane wave generator, this solution will not work.   

- Next-Gen Bi-radial Hypex fins Horn:
Design for 1.4" and 1.5" compression driver (TAD 4002/4003, JBL 2450, 18Sound ND3N...), mouth end is optimized, for free-air mount mainly.
It's in the same family than Arai Horns or TAD TH4001 but he is not scaled from it, it's a full modern new conception.
Like other bi-radial fins horn it have unique constant SPL behavior on +/-30° off axis thanks to fins, other traditional horn is SPL constant on +/-15°.
Coverage is 90° CD so adapted for average in room listening distance.

- OS Horn:
Oblate Spheroid, the Geddes formula with optimized end of profile.
Asymmetrical coverage on all four direction (top left/top right/bottom left/bottom right) is possible.
All CD coverage angle are possibles on demand, throat from 1" to 1.5".
Smooth pinch on demand, integrated to OS formula.
Full elliptical transition : From the round throat to the rectangle mouth the profile pass by all states of the ellipse formula, with a speed lead by FEM simulation.
Available for in-wall or free-air usage.

Note: the OS ability to load is not very good due to fast opening surface, low XO is not possible in comparaison to HCD/ Bi-radial with Hypex formula

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